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Uni5Pay+ is a mobile payment solution that can be used to make digital payments. Based on UnionPay International standards, Uni5Pay+ is a secure payment method. Using the app is completely free, so download the app, register and start making payments. Uni5Pay+, your mobile wallet!

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We listen to our customers and we take your feedback seriously. We are constantly working on new features. Click on “discover” to see what we have been up to. 

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The secret of the Uni5Pay+ ecosystem lies in the collaboration of a lot of merchants. Together with our merchants we are working on a digital future. Click on the button for our merchants.

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A Uni5Pay+ merchant is any business that accepts Uni5Pay+ mobile payments. This could be a market vendor, a supermarket, an eCommerce website, a mobile delivery app, a consulting firm, a clothing store and more. We offer a wide variety of acceptance methods for all Uni5Pay+ merchants. Start accepting payments in SRD, USD and Euro today!

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