Uni5Pay+ stands for Unified Payments and is a product of UPPS (Unified Payment Platform Suriname). Uni5Pay+ was the first mobile payment system in Suriname. As a trendsetter for mobile payments in Suriname, UPPS has the biggest task to develop the digital payments ecosystem and educate the usage of that.

Uni5Pay+ History

Uni5Pay+ launched on the 5th of August 2019 at the Saoenah Market. The focus of the launch was to give the unbanked population of Suriname access to good financial services. Research shows that access to financial services is the key for economic development. Looking at the numbers of Surinamese people that have a bank account, we notice lower than average numbers. With Uni5Pay+ we aim to increase access to financial services while simultaneously improving the current payment ecosystem.

Our Mission

Offering innovative, market-oriented and customer-focused digital mobile payment solutions.

Our Vision

Create a cashless future by offering digital payment solutions.

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