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Become a Uni5Pay+ merchant today and start accepting payments! Download the app or use the website to start the registration process. After the application is approved you can start accepting payments. Discover more about all the ways you can accept digital payments on this page.

A solution for every type of business

The needs of merchants differ. One solution does not always fit all. The flexibility of Uni5Pay+ allows us to develop solutions that cover the needs of your company. Whether you have a physical company or an online web shop, Uni5Pay+ has a solution for you. Do you want to become a merchant? Register via below button.

Our merchant manuals

Download the Merchant Management Platform Manual.

Download the Merchant App Manual.

All merchants

The secret of the Uni5Pay+ ecosystem lies in the collaboration of a lot of merchants. Together with our merchants we are working on a digital future. Click on the button for our merchants.

Catered to your business needs

Every merchant has his own of how they would like to accept payments. With that in mind we developed multiple ways you can accept Uni5Pay+ payments. All methods have their strong features, but the benefits listed below are valid for all payment methods.

The benefits:

Check our 7 below solutions for every merchant type.

1. Uni5Pay+ Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) static QR code

Accepting Uni5Pay+ mobile payments is now available for everyone. The Uni5Pay+ mPOS solution is especially designed to provide a quicker and cheaper way to accepts mobile payments for the smaller/low traffic merchants. In combination with the static QR code, give your customers a seamless digital payment experience.

  1. Get the total amount of the purchase from your Point of Sale System.
  2. Customer scans the static QR code or the QR in the merchant app.
  3. Enters the total amount and authorizes the payment.
  4. Both the customer and the merchant receive notification of the payment.
  1. Download the Uni5Pay+ Merchant App.
  2. Follow the registration process on the Uni5Pay+ Merchant App.
  3. Follow the status of the approval process on the Uni5Pay+Merchant App. When your application is approved, you can start accepting
    mobile payments via the Uni5Pay+ mPOS solution.
  4. Receive your money (SRD, USD, EUR) on your local bank account(s) the next business day.
  • Convert from cash-only merchant to a digital merchant.
  • Simple online sign-up process for merchants
  • Use your mobile phone; no upfront investments to justify.
  • The Uni5Pay+ mPOS solution can be utilized anywhere you can use your Mobile phone.
  • Easy to add additional stores and operators that can accept mobile payments for your company (see Merchant App manual).
  • iOS or Android device.
  • Business License and or KKF of your business.

2. QR Terminal integration in your Point of Sale Terminal

Accepting mobile payments is easier when your Point-Of-Sale (POS) system has built-in mobile payment support. With Uni5Pay+ all POS stations can be used to accept mobile payments. There is no need to buy a dedicated POS Terminal to accept payments.

  1. The existing Point-Of-Sale system is used to scan the customer products. The payment amount is displayed on the screen.
  2. The cashier selects Uni5Pay+ on the Point-of-Sale system as the payment method.
  3. The QR Code is displayed on the screen of the Point-Of-Sale system or on the QR Terminal. The customer logs into Uni5Pay+ and scans the code.
  4. Customer and the cashier will both receive a success message of the payment.
  • Integrate Uni5Pay+ payments into your POS system.
  • Present the QR code on the customer screen of your Point of Sale system.
  • If you do not have a customer screen, a separate QR terminal can be attached to your system to display the QR code.
  • The Point of Sale system will automatically calculate the payment amount and generate the QR code. The customer scans the code and authorizes the payment.
  • Most existing POS systems can be used to accept mobile payments.
  • No separate terminal needed to enter the payment amount again. The payment amount is taken directly from the POS system.
  • A Windows 7/8/10 based cash register that is connected to the internet.
  • Business license and/or KKF registration.

3. Uni5Pay+ Integration on your website

Accepting Uni5Pay+ payments on your website is possible via the Uni5Pay+ payment gateway. Connect to a local gateway and receive your funds on your local bank account. Do you use the WooCommerce plugin on your website? Just download the Uni5Pay+ plugin and start accepting payments.

  1. The customer chooses Uni5Pay+ as payment method at checkout.
  2. After confirming, the customer will be redirected to the Uni5Pay+ payment website.
  3. The customer has the choice to either scan the QR code or go directly to the Uni5Pay+ app (if on a mobile device).
  4. The customer authorizes the payment and returns to your website.
  • Customer selects Uni5Pay+ as a payment method on your website.
  • The website sends a transaction request to the Uni5Pay+ gateway.
  • The gateway returns a payment link to your website.
  • The website invokes the payment link, and the customer is redirected to the Uni5Pay+ payment website.
  • After a successful payment a notification is sent to your website to process the order.
  • Enjoy the benefits of an eCommerce business while at the same time being able to accept payment before delivery.
  • Not necessary to enter card numbers, expiration dates, and CVN2 codes which results in less errors or exposures of sensitive information.
  • Add Uni5Pay+ as a payment method on your website.
  • If you have a WooCommerce based website, just download the plugin, and start accepting payments.
  • If not, integrate the Uni5Pay+ Payment API.

4. Integrate Uni5Pay+ into your mobile app

Accept Uni5Pay+ payments through your mobile app. When selling goods or services, payment before delivery is key. The pay-before-concept prevents false orders, inefficient cash handling, better risk management and more. Integrate Uni5Pay+ into your app and enjoy the benefits.

  1. User will choose Uni5Pay+ as payment method at checkout in your app.
  2. The Uni5Pay+ application will open.
  3. User logs in and authorizes the payment. Payment details are presented.
  4. User returns to your app. The payment success screen is shown.
  • User checks out in the app and chooses to pay with Uni5Pay+.
  • Your app sends a transaction request to the Uni5Pay+ Gateway.
  • The gateway returns a payment link to your app.
  • Your app invokes the payment link and the Uni5Pay+ App opens.
  • When the payment is successful, a notification is sent to your app to process the payment.
  • Pay before delivery of goods or services.
  • No more cash managements with your delivery drivers.
  • An iOS or Android mobile app.
  • Ability to integrate Uni5Pay+ as a payment method in your app.

5. Uni5Pay+ In-App integration

Integrate the payments of your services in the Uni5Pay+ app. Your customers can just log into the Uni5Pay+ app, register for your service and do the payment in-app. A one-stop-shop for all their needs.

  1. The customer enters the Uni5Pay+ app and navigates to your service.
  2. The customer either registers a new account or selects an existing one.
  3. The open invoices will be automatically shown.
  4. Customer selects the invoice to do the payment.
  5. After the customer has authorized the payment, the invoice is immediately put on paid.

According to your business, the Uni5Pay+ app calls several APIs to do either the registration, invoice inquiry, or invoice payment. Every user action calls an API of your system.

  • Give your customer the seamless experience of having a one-stop-shop for all their payment needs.
  • Join companies like EBS , SWM and Telesur by also offering your service to your customers.
  • Automate your business, Uni5Pay+ can automate your processes based on the APIs you provide.
  • APIs available.
  • Business license and/or KKF,

6. POS Terminal: Swipe, Chip, and Tap

Accepting UnionPay Cards and Uni5Pay+ mobile payments is now available with the Uni5Pay+ Smart POS. The Uni5Pay+ Smart POS is especially designed to accept payments with UnionPay Payment Cards and Uni5Pay+ mobile payments. Accepting payments via the Uni5Pay⁺ Smart POS has the following characteristics:

  1. Register to become a Uni5Pay+ merchant here.
  2. Follow the registration process and specify that you would like a Smart POS Terminal.
  3. The bank will contact you regarding the status of the approval process. Upon approval, the Smart POS terminal will be installed.
  4. Receive your SRD, USD, and EUR settlement the next business day directly to your bank account.
  • The Uni5Pay⁺ Smart POS allows you to accept a wide variety of payment cards and mobile payments quickly, safely and easily.
  • The Uni5Pay⁺ Smart POS supports 2G/3G/4G, WiFi and Bluetooth which makes it easy to use and easy to carry around in-store or anywhere there is mobile phone coverage.
  • The terminal is portable which makes it ideal for the following types of businesses: Hotels, restaurants and cafes (Pay-at-table), home and service delivery and events/trade shows.
  • The Uni5Pay⁺ Smart POS can be conveniently integrated into your point-of-sale system.
  • Simple account management with the easy-to-use secure web-based online account management tool.
  • Valid business license.
  • KKF license.

7. Uni5Pay+ Payment Application

Accept payments for your goods or services without the need for your own website or app. We have developed a web application where you can manage your customers, create and send invoices, and generate reports for your own administration.

  1. A customer requests to pay for a product or service with Uni5Pay+.
  2. Customer receives the invoice through an automatically generated e-mail.
  3. Customer gets to review all information and selects ‘pay with Uni5Pay+.
  4. Uni5Pay+ payment website opens, user has the option to scan the QR code or go straight to the Uni5Pay+ app.
  5. User authorizes the payment and receives a “success” e-mail.
  • Add the new customer to your customer database.
  • Generate the invoice and send it through email (WhatsApp coming soon).
  • When the customer pays, the invoice will automatically update to “paid” and you will receive a notification e-mail.
  • Process the order as normal.

Without the investment in a website or mobile app you can start accepting online payments.

  • PC with internet connection.
  • Business license.
  • KKF license.